This Triumph GT6 was collected from the customers home where it has been gradually worked on by the customer over some time. It came to us in need of a roof skin adding in place of where the Webasto Sunroof used to be. The shell of the Triumph was purchased with no sunroof included and the customer requested it be filled to be a full metal roof as appose to trying to source and fit an original Webasto Sunroof.

To achieve this we took a large sheet of steel that was rolled through a rolling mill multiple times in order to achieve the desired countour that would fit the roof. Once the rough shape of the steel sheet fit the roof, the corners of the sheet were cut off and an incision was made on each edge toward the centre of the sheet that allowed it to be manipulated in ways that couldnt be achieved as a solid sheet. This was done in order to match the sheet to the roof shape better.

The sheet was then tack welded in place by the corners and along the backside which allowed for further manipulation to take place through planishing and using the slits made earlier. Once the steel sheet was finally the correct shape and followed the contour of the roof near perfectly, tack welds were made all around the edges of the sheet to secure it to the roof.

Some steel fabrication was also required for the door skins that were rotten and rusted all along the bottoms. This meant removing the offending parts where there was serious rotting from rusting and welding a steel sheet that has been fabricated to match the bottom of the door skin.

The final major work that was undertaken for this job was filling in some smaler holes at the top of the door skins with some tack welds. There was also 2 larger holes on the back of the body that needed filling and this was achieved by tack welding a waher over the hole and welding it all up.