Fibre Glass

We work with all materials.

We offer several fibre glass services:

  • Experienced fibre glass repairers (Lotus, TVR & Porsche)
  • Eradicate cracks, flexing & imperfect bodywork
  • Cost affective repairs (save on replacement panels)
  • Willing to take on a challenge!Fibre glass body shells can be very complex to repair. This often means it is difficult when finding a body shop that will tackle such repairs.



Here at Pool Lane we have dealt with fibre glass many times in the past when repairing classic Lotus Elan’s and new Elise’s, TVR’s & many kit cars. Often we are able to repair body panels that would normally have to be replaced at a much higher cost.

This 1971 Porsche RSK 718 Spider replica has been totally rebuilt from the ground up. The fibre glass body was stripped of its original paintwork in order to assess the damage of years of neglect. Following two months of hard work the car looks like it has just finished Le Mans!