with Classic Car Recovery Service

Due to our time in the trade, we have a vast knowledge of many car marques, allowing us to carry out work that others can’t cope with. Using our diagnostic system, we img_spider1can pin-point specific faults, rectifying them quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

  • We accept all major credit cards
  • All restoration work carries a 12 month warranty
  • Free wax oiling each winter with restoration projects
  • Free estimation with no obligation
  • Restoration experts in most classic cars
  • Friendly family run business with over 30 years experience
  • Sales cars built to specification on request.

Classic Car Recovery Service

Don’t panic, if your car won’t drive to us, we will drive to you. Often the cars we are asked to work on are not road worthy, so we have to collect them using our 18 foot purpose built car trailer.


We can get your cherished vehicle back on the road

Pool Lane Classics offers you:


  • 40 years experience
  • 12 months warranty & free annual wax oil service
  • Panel fabrication specialists
  • Body shell rebuilds. Many customers have entrusted us to bring their vehicles back to life with a full rebuild. We are conversant with many vehicles, and can draw on a vast amount of experience.



Our company has built and maintained a reputation of being one of the finest restorers in the country. We have vehicles around the world that bare our mark, proving that our name is well known. Consultation with the customer is vital in our eyes, not only at the outset, but all the way through the restoration process. We can restore most cars back to near perfect, but often this can be costly. Therefore it is important to ascertain from the customer exactly what they require from us, and to define a budget frame.


Bodyshell Rebuilds

We can rebuild pretty much anything, whatever its condition.

Past rebuilds include Jaguars, Daimler’s, Rolls, Austins…

We offer the following bodyshell rebulding services:

  • Carolina Jig service
  • Shot blasting service
  • 12 months warranty on all body work

Here at Pool Lane Classics, we often get presented with projects that are very daunting. Cars that often look pretty tidy on the outside, can be full of corrosion internally.


This requires a large percentage of the body shell to be replaced either by fitting new panels; or by fabricating sections. The photographs below show various stages involved with working with classic cars.

Large holes can often be found underneath external trims which act as an aid for corrosion. Panels then have to be removed, shot blasted and then plated where necessary. The final stage reached is when the body shell comes together, which is then seam sealed, stone chipped; and finally painted.


Servicing and Mechanical Work

Once you're up & running, we can keep you on the road.

Pool Lane Classics are specialists in servicing and mechanical work. See below for a list of our service options:

* MG and classic car specialists
* Mechanical & servicing work on ALL cars (modern & classic)
* Rapid & reliable service

If you are looking for someone to service your classic, look no further. We can also give your vehicle a general once over before it’s annual MOT, and also carry out any mechanical work that is too much for you to cope with yourself.

Due to 25 years experience with vehicles of all types, we have vast experience with many mechanical problems that often crop up. Not only do we have servicing contracts with companies that have fleet vehicles, but we also have a large customer base with classic cars that range from MGB’s, Lotus, Rolls Royce etc. Customers often bring their vehicles to us to perform a pre-MOT check to pick up problems that may arise in the test. Once these faults are rectified we are able to deliver the vehicle back to the customer with it’s new MOT with the minimum of inconvenience to the customer


Fibre Glass

We work with all materials.

We offer several fibre glass services:

  • Experienced fibre glass repairers (Lotus, TVR & Porsche)
  • Eradicate cracks, flexing & imperfect bodywork
  • Cost affective repairs (save on replacement panels)
  • Willing to take on a challenge!Fibre glass body shells can be very complex to repair. This often means it is difficult when finding a body shop that will tackle such repairs.



Here at Pool Lane we have dealt with fibre glass many times in the past when repairing classic Lotus Elan’s and new Elise’s, TVR’s & many kit cars. Often we are able to repair body panels that would normally have to be replaced at a much higher cost.

This 1971 Porsche RSK 718 Spider replica has been totally rebuilt from the ground up. The fibre glass body was stripped of its original paintwork in order to assess the damage of years of neglect. Following two months of hard work the car looks like it has just finished Le Mans!

Accident Repair

with Classic Car Recovery Service

    • 12 months warranty!
    • PPG acrylic paints & genuine parts used
    • 25 years of experience
    • Spray Bake oven
    • Carolina Jig service

We often carry out accident repair work through insurance companies and private enquiries. With some of the more rare classics, fabrication of body panels is often called for.

We take great pride in ensuring that all vehicles that come in for accident repair are treated the same. In the incidents where the vehicles are too bad to drive, we offer a ‘pick-up’ service (extra charge) utilizing our 18 ft trailer.

Your vehicle will go through our workshop as quickly as possible without compromising our high standards. Bodywork is checked before the paint shop and after to ensure color match & fit. Once the vehicle has been re-assembled, the car is then valeted inside and out, and then road tested (where appropriate).



Paint Refinishing

High quality PPG materials used

  • High quality PPG materials used
  • Internal Low Bake Oven
  • In-house paint mixing scheme (assured paint code matching)
  • 12 months warranty on all paint work. Due to our high standard of refinishing, we work with dealerships in the area utilizing high quality PPG acrylic paint materials.

We use the best materials available on the market in conjunction with a spray bake oven that achieves a paint finish second to none. Local dealerships often use us for spray work, along with the general public alike.

All paints are formulated on site allowing our team to match any paintwork, be it on a new car or on a classic.