The vehicle was collected from the customer’s home in an already part-stripped condition. After an initial inspection we found extensive corrosion and previous bad repairs.

Because of the areas needing replacement, it was decided that the best course of action was to start with a new floor panel aligned on the body jig and cut out salvageable components such as chassis legs and the bulkhead from the original body then align these using the body jig and weld into place. At the same time replacing any other necessary panel work which was beyond repair.

The engine, gearbox and all mechanical components and remaining trims were removed to allow the cutting out of salvage panels which were sand blasted and repaired as necessary, before welding to the floor section.

After completion of the welding, the body was painted inside and out to the correct factory colour before re-installing all removed components and carrying out any repairs/replacement of worn or damaged parts as required.

New brake lines and fuel lines were fitted as standard procedure on these kind of restoration jobs. New chrome and interior trim was fitted before delivery back to the customer.