We collected this Opel Manta as a full shell with both the door skins. Upon first look it looked in good condition after being entirely shot blasted and coated in a oxide primer.

Once we got it back to the workshop and could properly asses the complete shell we found that the shot blasting had stripped away too much of the shell and would require a lot of filler and body work in order to get the shell to a suitable state for epoxy and primer.

The main areas that needed the most work was the boot lid, both back wheel arches that needed to be modelled by hand out of filler in order to achieve the correct shape. This was the only way this could be completed as back arches for this car are near impossible to come by now.

It was a very similar story with the door skins that had been shot blasted too much and required filler in order to get the doors back to their original design so they would fit flush onto the shell of the Manta.

Once all the body work and door skins had been reshaped and filled, the entire shell, as well as both door skins were coated in 2 layers of anti corrosive epoxy coating to protect everything underneath. This meant the shell and door skins are ready to be coated in high build primer and then ready to paint.