This Subaru Impreza has had both its’ offside and nearside quarter panels and wheel arches replaced. Both sides of the car have been painted and other areas have been fabricated.

This Aston Martin DB7 has had both rear wheel arches and silts fabricated. The quarter panels and offside door have also been painted.

This beautiful Daimler Dart from the early 1960s came in for refurbishment. During its refurbishment it was completely stripped and put back in its original colour. The interior has been completely replaced as well as a new hood. All mechanics have been checked and replaced as required and the engine has been fully serviced.

This Mini Pickup has been given a full restoration. This includes a completely new body shell and a full respray.




This MGA has been given a total restoration.

This Ford Orion has had a full body restoration. The suspension has been stripped and powder-coated. The engine has been serviced and necessary mechanical parts have been replaced.

This Mini has had a full restoration. This included body work, a full respray, a reconditioned engine, and new, or reconditioned, mechanical parts.

Total rebuild including engine and trim


Complete rebuild including fitting engine

Total rebuild including engine