This Ford Orion has had a full body restoration. The suspension has been stripped and powder-coated. The engine has been serviced and necessary mechanical parts have been replaced.

This Mini has had a full restoration. This included body work, a full respray, a reconditioned engine, and new, or reconditioned, mechanical parts.

Total rebuild including engine and trim


Complete rebuild including fitting engine

Total rebuild including engine


Complete strip down and replace both chassis legs. Restore to original colour and rebuild. Complete re-trim of interior, including dashboard


This car recently came to us requiring a total nut and bolt rebuild. Engine rebuild, new interior, all new mechanics, chassis shot blasted and repainted. Signal red.

Cut out and replace rusty body panels. Full respray

Carry out restoration work on Porsche 911. Replace roof panel,front wings,outer sills, fabricate quarter panels. Full respray