1979 Mini 1275 GT

This Mini has had a full restoration. This included body work, a full respray, a reconditioned engine, and new, or reconditioned, mechanical parts.

1990 Ford Orion

This Ford Orion has had a full body restoration. The suspension has been stripped and powder-coated. The engine has been serviced and necessary mechanical parts have been replaced.


This MGA has been given a total restoration.

Mini Pickup

This Mini Pickup has been given a full restoration. This includes a completely new body shell and a full respray.

Early 1960s Daimler Dart

This beautiful Daimler Dart from the early 1960s came in for refurbishment. During its refurbishment it was completely stripped and put back in its original colour. The interior has been completely replaced as well as a new hood. All mechanics have been checked and replaced as required and the engine has been fully serviced.

Mercedes 380SL

New front wings, other panels fabricated as required. Full respray.

IMG_0098 IMG_0114 IMG_0115 IMG_0257 IMG_0242 IMG_0254

Triumph Spitfire

Another satisfied customer, collecting a fully restored Triumph Spitfire


IMG_0078 IMG_0091



IMG_0030 IMG_0045

Rover P5

Complete restoration recently completed.


img_5777 img_5779 img_5890 img_5895 img_5896 img_5969img_0002img_0050img_0051

Triumph Stag

We are currently working on this Triumph Stag which is undergoing a full restoration

img_5667 img_5668 img_5671 img_5672 img_5680 img_5682 img_5685 img_5695 img_5707 img_5713 img_5718 img_5722 img_5728 img_5731 img_5732 img_5734 img_5737 img_5738 img_5740 img_5744 img_5745 img_5746 img_5747

Mercedes Benz SL

This lovely example of a Mercedes Benz SL has just left our workshop having undergone a full restoration.

IMG_4454 IMG_4453 IMG_4452IMG_4455IMG_4458img_5648



img_5786 img_5787 img_5788