Replaced sills, front and rear inner and outer wheel arch’s fabricate other area’s plus full respray.

Fit all panels, realign and fabricate as necessary.

Full respray


Realign panels, remove areas of rust, remove body from chassis and full respray

Remove engine and front wings. Fit new wings and quarter panel lower sections. Fabricate inner wings etc. Full repsray inc engine bay. Rechrome bumpers.

Replace front wings, front valance,outer sills and A posts. Paint both sides.


Mini Pickup

Here’s some images of a recent job we completed to recondition an E-Type Jaguar.

EJaguar1 EJaguar2 EJaguar3EJaguar4

This lovely example of a Mercedes Benz SL has just left our workshop having undergone a full restoration.

IMG_4454 IMG_4453 IMG_4452IMG_4455IMG_4458img_5648



img_5786 img_5787 img_5788


We are currently working on this Triumph Stag which is undergoing a full restoration

img_5667 img_5668 img_5671 img_5672 img_5680 img_5682 img_5685 img_5695 img_5707 img_5713 img_5718 img_5722 img_5728 img_5731 img_5732 img_5734 img_5737 img_5738 img_5740 img_5744 img_5745 img_5746 img_5747